Paper Flowers for All Occasions

As I am searching around for creative ways to promote ju.Lee, I came across the idea of using paper flowers.  Initially, I figure that it’s essential to have dozens and dozens of flowers for the set in order to create the perfect romantic feel.  As I research further into paper flowers, I found tons of ideas at DIY blogs and even on You Tube!  They are really not hard to make.  It just requires time and some creativity along with the right materials and tools.


These are some of the magnolia paper flowers that I made using a paper flower kit.

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What kind of mood does your wedding colors express?

Choosing the right colors for your wedding can be tricky because sometimes you don’t know how the colors will affect the feel and mood of your wedding.  Unless you’re color savvy, you probably don’t know how colors go together and what each color means.  Well, here are some simple color rules that will help you plan your wedding.  As a general rule of thumb, you can use different shades of the same colors to create a monochromatic scheme.  This can always work and that’s just so love·lee.

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How to choose your wedding color scheme

Designing and coming up with a color scheme for your wedding is perhaps one of the most exciting part of planning your wedding.  It’s creative and fun and it is less stressful then figuring out how to strategically seat your two close friends who once dated to avoid drama at your wedding.  Yes, I’m speaking from experience.

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