December Wedding Inspiration: Winter Vintage Elegance



Dress: “Dallas” by Ju.Lee Collection (photo by Photograffiti)  |  Shoes: Valentino  |  Lower left corner photo Alycia Creative  |  hair and decor inspiration via Pinterest

Ju.Lee Bridal Photo Shoot

As a custom dress designer, it is rare for me to work with other wedding pros because I don’t personally attend the bride’s wedding.  So, it is always a treat for me to have an opportunity to work them to do a photo shoot.  After a month of prepping and planning, we put together a fabulous photo shoot for the Ju.Lee collection.  Here are some of the highlights and sneak peeks of what happened last week.  You know you like to see what happened behind the scene.  Enjoy!  XOXO Judy

Ju.Lee Bridal "San Francisco"

Ju.Lee Bridal “San Francisco”

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The Truth and Myth About Designing and Making a Custom Dress

When it comes to custom designing and ordering a wedding or special occasion dress, not too much women know what to expect.  After all, most families don’t own a sewing machine and some of us may not even know how to replace a missing button.  No shame – that’s why seamstresses are around so you can focus on what you do best.

Since there are many misconceptions about what making a custom dress is all about, I decided to bring out some of the most common questions asked by my clients during the consultations so you can better understand if custom designing and/or making a custom dress is the best option for you.



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Oops… How to Clean Stains on Your White Wedding Dress

Yes, it can happen.  One minute you are having a blast dancing, toasting, and eating and the next thing you know, you dropped some food on your white wedding dress.  What now?


photo from

First, DON’T panic.  Your wedding dress is not ruined and neither is your wedding day.  There are ways to clean (camouflage) the two common food stains that you may encounter and I am going to show you how.  Keep in mind that you cannot completely take out the stain but the results will be good enough make it less obvious that day.  You will still have to take your dress after the wedding to a professional dry cleaner to completely remove it.

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Here Comes Ju.Lee! New Bridal Collection for the Romantic Brides

F_NEW_ju•lee HOMEPAGE_Blog

After months (9 months to be exact) of website design and development, is now officially launched!  Ju.Lee is our new Spring 2014 bridal collection inspired by romantic, vintage details with modern American fit.  Lace and silk chiffon fabrics are infused with carefully designed embellishments to add just the right touch of glam.  And built-in inner adjustable corsets provide strong support so you can look your very best on your wedding day.  Unlike many designers who outsource their productions offshore, all of the dresses are proudly made here in the U.S.A.

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Secrets to Looking Hot in Any Dress

How do the celebrities do it?  No matter what sizes and body shapes they have, they seem to be able to look smoking hot at any red carpet events.  What are their secrets?  True, they might be hiring the best stylists in town to dress them, but there are some simple tricks that you can do to enhance your bodies for the next special event.  All you need are these secret weapons.


Featured – from Left:  Halle BerryAmy Adams, and Cameron Diaz

The Perfect Bra

You don’t think about it but what you wear inside is sometimes more important than what you wear outside.  The right bra can really take you the distance.  Lift up the twins and create a sexy cleavage.  Push-up bras are my favorites because if you don’t have the cleavage, you can always fake it.  Depending on the dress itself, the bra that you use will need to work well with the neckline of the dress.  You don’t want the bra to peek out.  If you are not sure, take the dress with you so when you shop for the bra and try them on together.


Left:  Jennifer Aniston – Perfect cleavage with the right support

Right: Versatile and sexy; try the Plunge Multi-way Bra with Gel-Curve, Victoria’s Secret, $50 – 53

The Perfect Body Shaper

Every woman should own at least one good body shaper.  For most occasions, you can use body shapers like Spanx.  They will offer you enough support along with smooth lines when you wear your evening or cocktail dress.  But if you plan to use it for your wedding, you should purchase one that is strapless with bonings.  A shaper with bonings will ensure that it doesn’t roll down your body.  A nude color is better than white because some times white undergarments can show throw white or light color dresses.  Shapers come in many different styles.  Some only support your torso while others support your glute and thighs.  Everyone should at least have a full body shaper that combines the bra and torso support in one.  A good body shaper can be pricy but it is well worth the money.  You can wear it under any dresses and it is not something that you need to purchase often.


Beyonce Knowles has the perfect body support – smooth lines and a flat tummy.


Left:  SPANX “Hi-Rise” Body Smoother, Nordstrom, $68

Right:  If you want the best support, try a strapless body shaper with boning.  Jezebel Caress Bustier, Ella Park Bridal, $56.99

The Perfect Heels

Once you have the perfect dress, the perfect bra, and the perfect body shaper, you should also have the perfect heels.  Depending on your comfort level, you should always have a pair of heels that will work for all type of dresses.  From my experience, a 2.5” to 3” black or nude heels are the best but any neutral color heels are great investments too.  They will elongate your legs and force you to stand up tall.  Whenever I wear heels, I will get a boost of confidence to anything that I wear.  If you are not used to wearing heels, start with 2” and slowly work up to 3”.  Although 4” plus heels look very alluring, they are usually not comfortable and can cause problems for your feet.  I am guilty of owning a few 4” plus heels but I only take them out for a walk once in a while.  Well, it’s hard to resist their charm.


Left:  Taylor Swift and Lisa Rinna wearing the perfect sexy high heels.

Right:  Try the 3″ peep toe pumps –  Pippa Patent Peep Toes, J.Crew, $198