Valentine’s Day Color Inspiration

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here is a Pinterest red, pink, and white color inspiration for all the love birds out there!


V-day Inspiration 2014_600x469


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December Wedding Inspiration: Winter Vintage Elegance



Dress: “Dallas” by Ju.Lee Collection (photo by Photograffiti)  |  Shoes: Valentino  |  Lower left corner photo Alycia Creative  |  hair and decor inspiration via Pinterest

Ju.Lee Collection Featured on Style Unveiled!

Hello love.lee’s!  Our Ju.Lee bridal collection is spotted on the bridalious Style Unveiled Blog!  This is one of the most amazing wedding inspiration blogs on the web and we’re so thrilled to be featured by them.  If you are looking for talented wedding pros or simply just want to get ideas and inspiration for your upcoming wedding, this is definitely a must read blog for you.  Check out our feature and let us know what you think.  Happy Thursday!  XO Judy


Ju.Lee Bridal Collection Featured on Style Me Pretty California: Giveaway + Special Promotion!

SMP Giveaway


Our 2014 signature bridal collection is featured on Style Me Pretty California!  To celebrate our launch, we are giving away a gorgeous two-layer Central Park wedding veil to one lucky SMP reader.  Simply go to our collection website and comment on the SMP blog post letting us know which is your favorite style.  One lucky winner will be picked on September 27, 2013.

To make it even more exciting, we’re also offering a 15% discount on all collection styles!  Simply enter SMPLOVE at our Etsy store during checkout or mention this special code when you place the order.  It’s a limited time offer (expires on November 1, 2013) so this discount won’t last long!

XO  Judy

Project Stunning Part I: 5 Common Weight-Loss Eating Mistakes

green and red healthy food

Eating right takes up the majority of the credit to your weight-loss success.  In fact, it is possible to lose your desired weight without working out.  But, regular exercising boosts your metabolism so it speeds up the process of breaking down fat during and after your workouts to help you achieve your weight loss goal faster.  There are really countless reasons why eating right and exercising go hand in hand but for the purpose of this post, I want to share the common eating mistakes that people make when they first start their new healthy lifestyle.  I first got this post idea from Women’s Health Blog, so thank you Women’s Health.

Let’s start by saying that not all foods are created equal.  We’ve grown to love eating starchy carbs like potatoes and pasta.  Our bodies crave them and we enjoy eating them too but the biggest problem is, they are what nutritionists called “empty calories” because they provide very little nutritional values but are packed with calories.  I considered them “bad deals” because you “pay” (calories-wise) such a high price and get very little back (nutrients) for your body.  This is just one of the many examples of what NOT to eat (or eat them at a very sensible amount.)

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Project Stunning: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle for a More Beautiful You for Your Wedding and Beyond

Back of a wedding dress

A custom designed wedding dress created by me

As the Dress Genie, one of the most common requests that I hear from brides for their wedding dresses is to make them look skinnier. It is truly understandable that every bride wants to look strikingly gorgeous on the most important day of her life. Yes, the right dress can create the perception to make any women look slimmer but in reality, the ultimate solution is to lose the unwanted pounds. Definitely not what most brides want to hear.

I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 8 years now. I workout 5 – 6 times a week, completed Beachbody’s P90X, P90X2, and Insanity, just finished my first half marathon Seawheeze at Vancouver (and more to come,) and have been able to maintain the same size for the past 8 years so I do know a thing or two about health and fitness. It is also a passion of mine along with fashion and weddings to inspire other people to create their version of a healthy lifestyle.

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Ju.Lee Bridal Collection’s First Video

A very talented wedding colleague / friend of mine Oren Arieli of Awesome Shot Studios shot a short video for my bridal collection Ju.Lee last month.  I have to say that I am utterly impressed by his work!  Well, I know that he has always been talented and all but seeing what he put together for my collection was just ahhh….mazing!  It was well edited and he was able to capture the story behind my collection.

Not only was this Ju.Lee Bridal’s first video but it was also my first ever video.  I have to admit that I was little nervous before shooting but Oren was able to make me forget about the camera while shooting.  I feel like this is my mini reality TV episode as well!  What do you think?  Did I do well?  I hope you love it as much as I love it!

The Most Coveted Engagement Rings of 2013

Diamond Rings

Similar to trends in bridal attire, engagement rings are evolving to suit the diverse personalities of today’s engaged couples with many modern brides-to-be abandoning the standard, classic diamond solitaire for a more personalized, one of a kind engagement ring. To accommodate these contemporary brides, jewelry designers are using rare gems, eccentric settings, and distinctive cuts in their engagement rings. This year there’s a bevy of options that couples can choose from to make their engagement special. From avant-garde, ostentatious pieces to intricate enhancements to traditional styles, modern engagement rings are bolder and more opulent than their older, more conventional counterparts.

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Ju.Lee Bridal Photo Shoot

As a custom dress designer, it is rare for me to work with other wedding pros because I don’t personally attend the bride’s wedding.  So, it is always a treat for me to have an opportunity to work them to do a photo shoot.  After a month of prepping and planning, we put together a fabulous photo shoot for the Ju.Lee collection.  Here are some of the highlights and sneak peeks of what happened last week.  You know you like to see what happened behind the scene.  Enjoy!  XOXO Judy

Ju.Lee Bridal "San Francisco"

Ju.Lee Bridal “San Francisco”

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The Truth and Myth About Designing and Making a Custom Dress

When it comes to custom designing and ordering a wedding or special occasion dress, not too much women know what to expect.  After all, most families don’t own a sewing machine and some of us may not even know how to replace a missing button.  No shame – that’s why seamstresses are around so you can focus on what you do best.

Since there are many misconceptions about what making a custom dress is all about, I decided to bring out some of the most common questions asked by my clients during the consultations so you can better understand if custom designing and/or making a custom dress is the best option for you.



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