December Wedding Inspiration: Winter Vintage Elegance



Dress: “Dallas” by Ju.Lee Collection (photo by Photograffiti)  |  Shoes: Valentino  |  Lower left corner photo Alycia Creative  |  hair and decor inspiration via Pinterest

The Most Coveted Engagement Rings of 2013

Diamond Rings

Similar to trends in bridal attire, engagement rings are evolving to suit the diverse personalities of today’s engaged couples with many modern brides-to-be abandoning the standard, classic diamond solitaire for a more personalized, one of a kind engagement ring. To accommodate these contemporary brides, jewelry designers are using rare gems, eccentric settings, and distinctive cuts in their engagement rings. This year there’s a bevy of options that couples can choose from to make their engagement special. From avant-garde, ostentatious pieces to intricate enhancements to traditional styles, modern engagement rings are bolder and more opulent than their older, more conventional counterparts.

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Trends from 2013 CFDA Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2013 CFDA Awards!  For those of you who have no clue what this is about (it’s not another Hollywood award,) it is an annual award ceremony created by the Council of Fashion Designers of America for fashion designers.  It is perhaps any fashion designer’s dream to be nominated, let alone win this prestigious award.  Someday…can I dream on as a fashion designer myself?!

Until I am nominated / win this award in the future, I am thrilled to see the fashion and trends happening on the red carpet yesterday 6/3/2103.   I have noticed some stand out trends that are worthy of sharing.  Would you try yourself?


There is a New Length in Town – The Midi Skirt


Vintage Elegance | Anthropologie

What is a midi skirt?  We all know what a mini skirt is but designers this fall are re-introducing a new length.  I say “re-introduce” because nothing is really new in the fashion world.  All trends are recycled but might be re-interpreted.

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What About Orange and Coral?

No… not the fruit that you eat and the sea creature!  I mean the color Orange and its sibling Coral.  They have recently been nominated for “The Hottest Colors of Spring” by me and the fashion world.  You will see them strutting down the street once half of the country dug themselves out of the snow.  From clothing to accessories to makeup, you will see them everywhere


Different takes on Orange by different celebrities.  Sarah Jessica Parker (left) went head to toe with the trend but Rachel Bilson (right) is just “working it” with one trend statement.  How BOLD will you go?

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Top Fall 2010 Fashion Trends – Are they right for you?

As the temperature slowly rises, the fall fashion season is also approaching.  Although you might not even be thinking about sweaters and jackets, retail stores are already bringing out the looks.  This fall season’s styles are somewhat similar to last year but updated.

For the past couple of seasons, there is a new focus of what I called “feminine rock chic” – a combination of flirty styles mixed with a tough rock and roll attitude.  It’s no longer the girl next door – it’s the strong beautiful woman who is independent and not afraid to express herself.  This exemplifies the current economic situation that every woman faces.

Trends are exciting but sometimes we need to evaluate how we can update our styles each season.  I’m a risk taker when it comes to fashion but that doesn’t mean I will wear every single new trends out in the market.  I do, on the hand, praise Rihanna and Beyonce for their brave fashion moves.  It’s important to know who you are and stay true to yourself.  I’m a girly girl at heart so I like to wear clothing that is more feminine, but I do like some of the new updated trends for this fall season.

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What’s Now: Menswear Inspired Shoes

What’s hot right now in footwear?  Menswear style shoes.  This trend started last year and continues to grow momentum.  As I was browsing through many retailers’ online shoe catalogs, I thought I accidentally went to the men’s category.  The styles ranged from loafers, biker boots to lace up oxfords with different price points.

These shoes are the new punk/rock style.  For the gals who don’t embrace the ultra feminine look, this might be a good alternative for you.  You can still wear your flirty day dress but when you wear it with lace up oxfords, for example, you are toughening up the overall girly look.

I’m a girly girl so I am not a big fan of menswear inspired shoes.  I prefer classic heels, sexy sandals, and feminine details like ruffles although I do like the fact that many menswear inspired shoes are comfortable.  Plus, it’s a not style that I can easily pull off like some people.  It takes a certain attitude to rock them.

What is your take on this trend?  Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Menswear Shoes1Left:  Chelsea Crew Cut Out Oxford,, $58

Right:  Miu Miu Studded Lace-Up Oxford,, $750

Menswear Shoes2

Left:  Bass Cassel Loafer,, $98

Right:  Prada Suede Logo Drivers,, $430

Menswear Shoes3Left:  Sartore Distressed Ankle Boots,, $765

Right:  Dolce Vita Rosalie Buckled Leather Ankle Boots,, $250