2013 New York Bridal Week Recap

Last week was a fantastic trip to New York City for bridal fashion week!  As a bridal gown designer, NYC is like my second home as many of my long-time vendors are located there.  Of course, it’s not all work and no pleasure as I also stopped by some of my favorite places and met up with old friends.  Here is a recap of what happened last week at bridal fashion week at Pier 94!  XO Judy



Main lobby features many upcoming bridal trends for the new season.

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Tastemakers Wedding Networking Soiree in Manhattan Beach


Last week, I took a break from my usual bridal gown designer duties and traveled to Southern California to attend the Tastemakers wedding networking party hosted by the amazing Be Inspired PR team at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach.  The event was put together by a group of talented wedding professionals and I was utterly impressed!  The Tastemakers network is one of the most exclusive groups of wedding professionals across the country and I feel so honored to be a part of it.  It was inspiring to hear their stories and passion for the wedding business.  I’m sure you’re curious what happened at the party so here are the highlights of the night!

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Caribbean Dream


Holidays are always hectic for everyone – traveling, hosting dinner parties, fighting through crowds at the mall.  So, instead of hosting a family gathering at your house, how about vacationing in an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico?  And if you are planning a wedding, this is also a fabulous destination wedding location.

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Travel with Juicy Couture

have been a fan of Juicy Couture for many years.  The first time I heard of Juicy Couture was when I was working at Liz Claiborne.  About every couple of months, there will be a Juicy Couture sample sales at the office for all Liz Claiborne employees.  It was insane.  Employees would purchase 2 large garbage bags worth of JC clothing.  The discounts were phenomenal – 80% off of the retail prices!  I snatched myself a handful of JC while I was working there.


Girls all over the world are in love with their signature stylish yet comfy matching tracksuits.  Knowing that their customers love to travel in them, JC will test the concept of opening stores at four airports: Miami International Airport’s American Airline terminal, British Airway terminal at New York’s JFK International Airport, Taiwan TaoYuan International Airport Terminal II, and Athens Airport Duty Free area, according to WWD.  Customers will be able to find the best JC travel items at these airport stores including apparel, accessories, footwear, children’s wear, and intimate apparels.  Destination specific tees like “Choose Miami” will only be available at that location.  The stores will range in different sizes – 200 square feet to full size free-standing boutiques.



Left:  Juicy Couture’s signature velour hoodie, Nordstrom, $98

Right:  Juicy Couture flannel boxer shorts, Nordstrom, $32

That’s a great idea!  How many times do you have to wait for hours at the airport and run out of things to do?  Plus, if you forgot to pack your favorite tracksuit, you will be able to pick up a set while you’re waiting for your next flight.  To take this idea even further, they are partnering with airlines to feature their products on the on board catalogues.  Be prepare to see more pink while you’re flying.  I think this is a great concept and JC is definitely thinking outside the box to increase their brand presence and sales.  I expect more companies to follow suit.

Your Must-Have Traveling Fashion Item

Whether you are traveling for business, pleasure, or for your honeymoon, packing just the right amount of items for your trip can be tricky business. You want to make sure that you pack a wide variety of fashion items so you’ll be comfortable while sightseeing but won’t miss out on special events or parties that might occur while you’re on your trip. However, with so many airlines charging extra for the first or second bag, what kind of fashion items should you pack so you’ll have the right mix of clothes to keep you looking sexy and stylish? The role of thumb is layering – the pieces to bring along should create multiple looks and serve multiple purposes.

Here is your must-have checklist for your next trip:

The basics includes the ubiquitous Trench Coat, a pair of Boot Cut Jeans and a Cardigan.

The basics includes the ubiquitous Trench Coat, a pair of Boot Cut Jeans and a Cardigan.

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