Trends from 2013 CFDA Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2013 CFDA Awards!  For those of you who have no clue what this is about (it’s not another Hollywood award,) it is an annual award ceremony created by the Council of Fashion Designers of America for fashion designers.  It is perhaps any fashion designer’s dream to be nominated, let alone win this prestigious award.  Someday…can I dream on as a fashion designer myself?!

Until I am nominated / win this award in the future, I am thrilled to see the fashion and trends happening on the red carpet yesterday 6/3/2103.   I have noticed some stand out trends that are worthy of sharing.  Would you try yourself?


There is a New Length in Town – The Midi Skirt


Vintage Elegance | Anthropologie

What is a midi skirt?  We all know what a mini skirt is but designers this fall are re-introducing a new length.  I say “re-introduce” because nothing is really new in the fashion world.  All trends are recycled but might be re-interpreted.

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Google and Fashion?

Google + Fashion =

What?!  Yes, that’s right.  Google has recently launched a new fashion website called  Unlike eBay or other fashion retailers, is not an e-commerce site but a place for retailers, designers, celebrities, and bloggers to connect with fashionistas around the world.  It is a fashion search site and community where members can check out and follow your favorite fashion styles. is very similar to Polyvore and Shopstyle in terms of functionality and style.  It is Google’s attempt to dominate the online fashion world.


My personal page.  You can also upload your own personal pictures too, which I have yet to do myself.

After learning the launch of this site from WWD, I am eager to find out what it is all about and to share with you if it’s worth your time to use this site.   When you first sign up, it prompted a short quiz to find out your personal style, and it’d show you a series of pictures for you to pick.  Don’t worry.   It’s not an IQ test and it is actually fun to do.  After you finished the quiz, it will evaluate your responses and tell you what your personal style is.  You are now part of the Boutique community where you can make friends with other online fashionistas like you and me or search by trend, designers, retailers and even celebrities who have created accounts.  My favorites are Carey Mulligan and Nicole Richie.


How about follow your favorite celebrities and see their styles?


If you follow your favorite designers, you can see their current products and find the retailers that sell them.


Do you want to know the current trends?  Try exploring the site by trends and see the latest and greatest.

Because one of the purposes of is to promote retailers and hopefully purchases, the site makes it very easy for you to purchase the products that you love and will recommend similar products.  You can also save your favorites and share them with friends.

Overall, I would say that it’s a good styling resource for fashionistas everywhere to find great fashion pieces from a wide variety of designer brands and retailers, get inspiration, and learn how to style outfits together to get the look that you want.  In my opinion, the site is not as dynamic as, say, Polyvore but it is a great start for Google to get into fashion.  Google is also working on integrating YouTube and Google search to the site as well.  I’m curious how will evolve in the future.  Try it out and see what you think of it!  Do you think it is useful for you?

Fashion’s Night Out Bay Area

Maybe you and I are not going to experience Fashion’s Night Out in NYC, but there are many events happening close to home!  It’s not too late to call, text, and/or email your friends today for one of these fun fashion events in the Bay Area.

Fashions Night Out

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Top Fall 2010 Fashion Trends – Are they right for you?

As the temperature slowly rises, the fall fashion season is also approaching.  Although you might not even be thinking about sweaters and jackets, retail stores are already bringing out the looks.  This fall season’s styles are somewhat similar to last year but updated.

For the past couple of seasons, there is a new focus of what I called “feminine rock chic” – a combination of flirty styles mixed with a tough rock and roll attitude.  It’s no longer the girl next door – it’s the strong beautiful woman who is independent and not afraid to express herself.  This exemplifies the current economic situation that every woman faces.

Trends are exciting but sometimes we need to evaluate how we can update our styles each season.  I’m a risk taker when it comes to fashion but that doesn’t mean I will wear every single new trends out in the market.  I do, on the hand, praise Rihanna and Beyonce for their brave fashion moves.  It’s important to know who you are and stay true to yourself.  I’m a girly girl at heart so I like to wear clothing that is more feminine, but I do like some of the new updated trends for this fall season.

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Mourning the Lost of A Great Fashion Icon – Alexander McQueen

Astonishing news hit the media today announcing the death of British Designer Alexander McQueen at age 40.  There is no confirmation from the police for the cause of his death but it is apparent that he committed suicide in his Central London home.  According to OMG! from Yahoo! his mother died on February 2nd, which could be a contributing reason for his death along with the pressure to finish his fall / winter RTW collection.


Alexander McQueen at his last spring / summer 2010 RTW runway show.

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Golden Globes 2010 Fashion: Love or Hate?

I’m always excited about red carpet events like the Golden Globes.  Not only am I curious to find out who are the winners in Hollywood but also seeing the glitz and glamour.  There were some fashion winners last night but also many questionable choices.  Here are some of my picks for the best and worst.  What is your take on them?

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Fall / Holiday Fashion Trends: Trends Inspired by the 80’s and Michael Jackson

Some of us love the 80’s and some of us cringe when we think of the neon shirts and high ponytails.  The 80’s fashion is back.  Well, sort of.  For this fall season’s fashion trend, I see the updated 80’s looks along with Michael Jackson inspired outfits.  I’m talking about boyfriend and sequin jackets, metallic outfits, and motorcycle jackets – the tough fancy look.  I have to say that the styles are certainly more updated.  I couldn’t help but picked up a boyfriend jacket myself.


But since we’re all in a budget nowadays, how can you smartly update your wardrobe so you can still be part of the fun?  What should you spend the money on and where should you save?  Here are some suggestions next time you go shopping.

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Travel with Juicy Couture

have been a fan of Juicy Couture for many years.  The first time I heard of Juicy Couture was when I was working at Liz Claiborne.  About every couple of months, there will be a Juicy Couture sample sales at the office for all Liz Claiborne employees.  It was insane.  Employees would purchase 2 large garbage bags worth of JC clothing.  The discounts were phenomenal – 80% off of the retail prices!  I snatched myself a handful of JC while I was working there.


Girls all over the world are in love with their signature stylish yet comfy matching tracksuits.  Knowing that their customers love to travel in them, JC will test the concept of opening stores at four airports: Miami International Airport’s American Airline terminal, British Airway terminal at New York’s JFK International Airport, Taiwan TaoYuan International Airport Terminal II, and Athens Airport Duty Free area, according to WWD.  Customers will be able to find the best JC travel items at these airport stores including apparel, accessories, footwear, children’s wear, and intimate apparels.  Destination specific tees like “Choose Miami” will only be available at that location.  The stores will range in different sizes – 200 square feet to full size free-standing boutiques.



Left:  Juicy Couture’s signature velour hoodie, Nordstrom, $98

Right:  Juicy Couture flannel boxer shorts, Nordstrom, $32

That’s a great idea!  How many times do you have to wait for hours at the airport and run out of things to do?  Plus, if you forgot to pack your favorite tracksuit, you will be able to pick up a set while you’re waiting for your next flight.  To take this idea even further, they are partnering with airlines to feature their products on the on board catalogues.  Be prepare to see more pink while you’re flying.  I think this is a great concept and JC is definitely thinking outside the box to increase their brand presence and sales.  I expect more companies to follow suit.

Are You Ready for More Celebrity Fashions?

Move over, Miley and Beyonce.  New crops of celebrity designers are launching their new collections in 2010.  Celebrities have been penetrating the fashion industry for years by either starting their own fashion collections or by collaborations like Lindsey Lohan with Emanuel Ungaro for their Spring 2010 collection.


Lindsey Lohan and Emanuel Ungaro collaboration – Spring 2010 runway show

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