2013 New York Bridal Week Recap

Last week was a fantastic trip to New York City for bridal fashion week!  As a bridal gown designer, NYC is like my second home as many of my long-time vendors are located there.  Of course, it’s not all work and no pleasure as I also stopped by some of my favorite places and met up with old friends.  Here is a recap of what happened last week at bridal fashion week at Pier 94!  XO Judy



Main lobby features many upcoming bridal trends for the new season.

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Tastemakers Wedding Networking Soiree in Manhattan Beach


Last week, I took a break from my usual bridal gown designer duties and traveled to Southern California to attend the Tastemakers wedding networking party hosted by the amazing Be Inspired PR team at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach.  The event was put together by a group of talented wedding professionals and I was utterly impressed!  The Tastemakers network is one of the most exclusive groups of wedding professionals across the country and I feel so honored to be a part of it.  It was inspiring to hear their stories and passion for the wedding business.  I’m sure you’re curious what happened at the party so here are the highlights of the night!

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Ju.Lee Bridal Photo Shoot

As a custom dress designer, it is rare for me to work with other wedding pros because I don’t personally attend the bride’s wedding.  So, it is always a treat for me to have an opportunity to work them to do a photo shoot.  After a month of prepping and planning, we put together a fabulous photo shoot for the Ju.Lee collection.  Here are some of the highlights and sneak peeks of what happened last week.  You know you like to see what happened behind the scene.  Enjoy!  XOXO Judy

Ju.Lee Bridal "San Francisco"

Ju.Lee Bridal “San Francisco”

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Trends from 2013 CFDA Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2013 CFDA Awards!  For those of you who have no clue what this is about (it’s not another Hollywood award,) it is an annual award ceremony created by the Council of Fashion Designers of America for fashion designers.  It is perhaps any fashion designer’s dream to be nominated, let alone win this prestigious award.  Someday…can I dream on as a fashion designer myself?!

Until I am nominated / win this award in the future, I am thrilled to see the fashion and trends happening on the red carpet yesterday 6/3/2103.   I have noticed some stand out trends that are worthy of sharing.  Would you try yourself?


Looking Your Best for New Year Parties

Happy New Year’s Eve!  The countdown is on!  Are you ready to say bye-bye to 2010 and celebrate the beginning of 2011?  The popular you have received an invitation to a New Year’s party tonight.  By now you have probably been to a couple of other holiday events like corporate and Christmas parties.  You already had to figure out your outfits for both events and now you have to decide on another outfit for the New Year.  Can this get any more difficult? 

The good news is that all the stores have after Christmas sales so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a new outfit for the New Year’s party.  Most Fall/Holiday clothing will be anywhere from 25% – 75% off.  Now is the time to gather your gift cards and have a little fun shopping.  If you are not sure where to begin or want some ideas and inspiration, I’m going to show you how to pull together an outfit that will make you shine. 

This is the final post to my “Looking Your Best for the Holidays” series and the last post for 2010.  For this post, I will suggest styling tips for a curvy girl.  When people hear “curvy,” they automatically think plus size.  That is not quite true.  Curvy really means that your bust and hip are prominent in proportion and as a result, you have a well-defined waist line and it creates an hourglass figure.  To look good in any outfits, it’s all about maintaining the right proportion.  You not only have to consider the basic bust/waist/hip measurements, but also your makeup and shoes.  Yes, you have to consider the overall look.  Whether you are a size 4 or size 16, if you have the right proportion, you will look gorgeous no matter what size you are.  It is no rocket science but there are a few principles that you need to understand to make it work. 

What:  New Year’s Party

Where:  Lounge XYZ

Body Shape:  Curvy





 Rebecca Taylor Sparkle Sweetheart Dress, Neiman Marcus, $495

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Fashion’s Night Out Bay Area

Maybe you and I are not going to experience Fashion’s Night Out in NYC, but there are many events happening close to home!  It’s not too late to call, text, and/or email your friends today for one of these fun fashion events in the Bay Area.

Fashions Night Out

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Emmy Dresses: What Worked and Didn’t

It was another evening of excitement and glamour.  Not only was everyone curious who would win the most honorable awards at the 2010 Emmy, but fashionistas everywhere looked forward to seeing all their favorite celebrities in designer gowns.  To most of us ladies, it was more like a celebrity catwalk.   And of course, I was highly anticipating dresses that would take me away and inspire me.  But occasionally, my heart would skip a beat and I gasped.  “What happened?  Why that dress?”


Red Carpet at the Emmys 2010 on Sunday night 8.29.10

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Ju.Lee Photo Shoot

I’m so excited to share with you some of the beautiful pictures from the Ju.Lee photo shoot at Clos LaChance Winery in San Martin, CA on June 14, 2010.  Karl Ko from Karl Ko Photography did a fantastic job along with Chyna Darner.  There were hundreds of pictures taken that day but I’m only going to show you a fraction of them.  Hey, I can’t reveal the fun all at once, right?  Don’t worry, there will be more to come!


I had loads of fun res-styling the models to create this fantasy photo shoot.  The look was very ethereal and whimsical.

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2010 Red Carpet Styles

Did you tune in for the Academy Awards last night?  Besides wanting to know who were the winners for best actor (Jeff Bridges), best actress (Sandra Bullocks), and best picture (The Hurt Locker), I was eager to see who was wearing what.  Generally in the past, there would be a handful of worst dressed, but surprising this year, I don’t really see that many!  I might not be crazy about some of the gowns but overall, I only hated one.


Sandra Bullock impressed me this time as my absolute favorite last night.  Unlike the last dress she wore to the Golden Globe, she nailed the look this time by picking an elegant embroidered gold sheath gown.  Way to go, Sandra, on your Best Actress Award and the Best Dressed Award!

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The Free Pamper Yourself Event

The Free Pamper Yourself Event was the first special event that I organized with two local wedding coordinators Arlene Marcos of Ah… New Beginnings and Eileen Chiu of Enchanting Events.  We partnered with 23 professional vendors in the Bay Area to create a fun interactive show for the Bay Area residents where they could sample tasty treats and drinks along with workshops and on stage presentations.  More than 300 people showed up on February 28, 2010 at Jade Studio Productions‘ Treasure Island Studio to check out what we had to offer.


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