Looking Your Best for New Year Parties

Happy New Year’s Eve!  The countdown is on!  Are you ready to say bye-bye to 2010 and celebrate the beginning of 2011?  The popular you have received an invitation to a New Year’s party tonight.  By now you have probably been to a couple of other holiday events like corporate and Christmas parties.  You already had to figure out your outfits for both events and now you have to decide on another outfit for the New Year.  Can this get any more difficult? 

The good news is that all the stores have after Christmas sales so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a new outfit for the New Year’s party.  Most Fall/Holiday clothing will be anywhere from 25% – 75% off.  Now is the time to gather your gift cards and have a little fun shopping.  If you are not sure where to begin or want some ideas and inspiration, I’m going to show you how to pull together an outfit that will make you shine. 

This is the final post to my “Looking Your Best for the Holidays” series and the last post for 2010.  For this post, I will suggest styling tips for a curvy girl.  When people hear “curvy,” they automatically think plus size.  That is not quite true.  Curvy really means that your bust and hip are prominent in proportion and as a result, you have a well-defined waist line and it creates an hourglass figure.  To look good in any outfits, it’s all about maintaining the right proportion.  You not only have to consider the basic bust/waist/hip measurements, but also your makeup and shoes.  Yes, you have to consider the overall look.  Whether you are a size 4 or size 16, if you have the right proportion, you will look gorgeous no matter what size you are.  It is no rocket science but there are a few principles that you need to understand to make it work. 

What:  New Year’s Party

Where:  Lounge XYZ

Body Shape:  Curvy





 Rebecca Taylor Sparkle Sweetheart Dress, Neiman Marcus, $495

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Looking Your Best For Corporate / Business Holiday Parties

It’s very important to dress and look appropriate for your corporate / business holiday parties.  Don’t let the word “party” fool you.  Even though you’re supposed to have fun, your co-workers, clients, boss, and/or VP are more likely than be evaluating you at this party.  The kind of impression that you gave at the parties can make a difference in your career and business.  This is definitely the time when you want look and act your best. 

Did I make you nervous?  You don’t need to be if you know what to do.  Here is your complete “dress to impress” guide for your next work party if you have a busty frame. 

What:  Corporate / business holiday party

Where:  Restaurant

Body Shape: Busty


Attire & Shoes



Start with this workoutfit. 

Left: Guess one shoulder knit top $79;  Center: Robbi & Nikki Embellished Stretch Twill Jacket $295;  Right:  J.Crew Bi-Stretch Wool Minnie Pants $98

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Looking Your Best for Cocktail Parties

Nothing is more exciting than to unwind and enjoy an evening with your friends.  And the year cannot possibly be better than to end it celebrating and partying with your closest pals.  Unlike your company / business holiday party, you can be more laid back about what you wear but that doesn’t mean you want to just throw something together either.  After all, a cocktail party is still a semi-formal event where jeans are better left for running errands.  With Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace nowadays, your average look or your red-carpet style can be immediately posted on the Net within seconds.  Do you want to settle for just “OK” or “HOT?”

If you are stuck trying to figure what to wear or simply want some inspiration, then you might find the following options helpful to you.  From dress to makeup, these ideas will definitely make you look more than “OK.”  You know you deserve to look your best!

What:  Evening cocktail party

Where:  Friend’s house

Body Shape: Pear




Aqua Luxe Sleeveless Double V Stripe Party Dress $148

Everything starts with the perfect dress.  Because of your pear shape, the best silhouettes are A-line or full skirt dresses.  This dress is a great choice for your cocktail party.  The short full skirt hides your hips and elongates your legs.   The front V-neck is a universally flattering necklace and to top it off, the low deep V back yells sexy lady.  If you want to be more modest, you can certainly add a black cami to tone down the sex appeal or wear a jacket or blazer.   The combination of metallic stripes in black adds instant glam to this simple dress style.

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Looking Your Best for the Holidays

This is the season to look your best because Christmas and New Year’s parties are just around the corners.  Whether the celebrations are for work, family, or fun, you want to dress to impress.  But what if you’re not sure what to wear and have no idea where to start?  Does a red V-neck sweater with black skirt work?  Yes, but that’s too safe and boring. 

The best holiday outfits are the ones that bring out your positive features (toned legs, voluptuous chests, etc.) with the right amount of sparkles and glam.  It’s that one time a year where you can play dress up and reward yourself for the hard work that you’ve done all year!  So, why not go a little out of your comfort zone to try something different while still be you? 

You don’t have to do a lot to look like a million buck and you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune either.  It’s about maintaining the right balance, knowing how to accentuate your body with the right clothing and accessories, and matching the appropriate outfit for the right occasion. 



Both Scarlett Johannson (left) and Taylor Swift (right) look stunning not only because they have the best designer clothing or perfect bodies, but because they know what to wear to flatter their body shapes and understand how to style for the right occasions (or at least they hired the right stylists.)


“Looking Your Best for Holidays” has 3 mixed scenarios, and I am offering some suggestions for stepping out in your best styles to match your body shape, the type of event, and location.  From outfits to shoes to makeup, there are some great ideas for you to surviving the holidays looking your absolute best.  Are you ready to party? 

Pear shape girl to an evening cocktail party

Busty girl to a corporate / business party

Curvy girl to a New Year’s Eve party 


Do you know how to create the right balance of holiday sparkles and glam?

Emmy Dresses: What Worked and Didn’t

It was another evening of excitement and glamour.  Not only was everyone curious who would win the most honorable awards at the 2010 Emmy, but fashionistas everywhere looked forward to seeing all their favorite celebrities in designer gowns.  To most of us ladies, it was more like a celebrity catwalk.   And of course, I was highly anticipating dresses that would take me away and inspire me.  But occasionally, my heart would skip a beat and I gasped.  “What happened?  Why that dress?”


Red Carpet at the Emmys 2010 on Sunday night 8.29.10

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2010 Red Carpet Styles

Did you tune in for the Academy Awards last night?  Besides wanting to know who were the winners for best actor (Jeff Bridges), best actress (Sandra Bullocks), and best picture (The Hurt Locker), I was eager to see who was wearing what.  Generally in the past, there would be a handful of worst dressed, but surprising this year, I don’t really see that many!  I might not be crazy about some of the gowns but overall, I only hated one.


Sandra Bullock impressed me this time as my absolute favorite last night.  Unlike the last dress she wore to the Golden Globe, she nailed the look this time by picking an elegant embroidered gold sheath gown.  Way to go, Sandra, on your Best Actress Award and the Best Dressed Award!

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Golden Globes 2010 Fashion: Love or Hate?

I’m always excited about red carpet events like the Golden Globes.  Not only am I curious to find out who are the winners in Hollywood but also seeing the glitz and glamour.  There were some fashion winners last night but also many questionable choices.  Here are some of my picks for the best and worst.  What is your take on them?

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Secrets to Looking Hot in Any Dress

How do the celebrities do it?  No matter what sizes and body shapes they have, they seem to be able to look smoking hot at any red carpet events.  What are their secrets?  True, they might be hiring the best stylists in town to dress them, but there are some simple tricks that you can do to enhance your bodies for the next special event.  All you need are these secret weapons.


Featured – from Left:  Halle BerryAmy Adams, and Cameron Diaz

The Perfect Bra

You don’t think about it but what you wear inside is sometimes more important than what you wear outside.  The right bra can really take you the distance.  Lift up the twins and create a sexy cleavage.  Push-up bras are my favorites because if you don’t have the cleavage, you can always fake it.  Depending on the dress itself, the bra that you use will need to work well with the neckline of the dress.  You don’t want the bra to peek out.  If you are not sure, take the dress with you so when you shop for the bra and try them on together.


Left:  Jennifer Aniston – Perfect cleavage with the right support

Right: Versatile and sexy; try the Plunge Multi-way Bra with Gel-Curve, Victoria’s Secret, $50 – 53

The Perfect Body Shaper

Every woman should own at least one good body shaper.  For most occasions, you can use body shapers like Spanx.  They will offer you enough support along with smooth lines when you wear your evening or cocktail dress.  But if you plan to use it for your wedding, you should purchase one that is strapless with bonings.  A shaper with bonings will ensure that it doesn’t roll down your body.  A nude color is better than white because some times white undergarments can show throw white or light color dresses.  Shapers come in many different styles.  Some only support your torso while others support your glute and thighs.  Everyone should at least have a full body shaper that combines the bra and torso support in one.  A good body shaper can be pricy but it is well worth the money.  You can wear it under any dresses and it is not something that you need to purchase often.


Beyonce Knowles has the perfect body support – smooth lines and a flat tummy.


Left:  SPANX “Hi-Rise” Body Smoother, Nordstrom, $68

Right:  If you want the best support, try a strapless body shaper with boning.  Jezebel Caress Bustier, Ella Park Bridal, $56.99

The Perfect Heels

Once you have the perfect dress, the perfect bra, and the perfect body shaper, you should also have the perfect heels.  Depending on your comfort level, you should always have a pair of heels that will work for all type of dresses.  From my experience, a 2.5” to 3” black or nude heels are the best but any neutral color heels are great investments too.  They will elongate your legs and force you to stand up tall.  Whenever I wear heels, I will get a boost of confidence to anything that I wear.  If you are not used to wearing heels, start with 2” and slowly work up to 3”.  Although 4” plus heels look very alluring, they are usually not comfortable and can cause problems for your feet.  I am guilty of owning a few 4” plus heels but I only take them out for a walk once in a while.  Well, it’s hard to resist their charm.


Left:  Taylor Swift and Lisa Rinna wearing the perfect sexy high heels.

Right:  Try the 3″ peep toe pumps –  Pippa Patent Peep Toes, J.Crew, $198

A Witch of Eastwick Proves the Magic of the Red Dress

Jaime Ray Newman of Eastwick shows the true meaning of the smoking red dress

Jaime Ray Newman of Eastwick shows the true meaning of the smoking red dress

Jaime Ray Newman aka Kat of Eastwick proved that one should never underestimate the power of red even in a simple dress silhouette.  In episode 5 of Eastwick, “Mooning and Crooning,” Kat caught everyone’s attention with a sexy red sweetheart sheath dress.  It was old Hollywood and it was sultry.  Forget turning just a few heads, all eyes were on her!
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