Oops… How to Clean Stains on Your White Wedding Dress

Yes, it can happen.  One minute you are having a blast dancing, toasting, and eating and the next thing you know, you dropped some food on your white wedding dress.  What now?


photo from www.wilsontimes.com

First, DON’T panic.  Your wedding dress is not ruined and neither is your wedding day.  There are ways to clean (camouflage) the two common food stains that you may encounter and I am going to show you how.  Keep in mind that you cannot completely take out the stain but the results will be good enough make it less obvious that day.  You will still have to take your dress after the wedding to a professional dry cleaner to completely remove it.

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Do You Know Your Basic Body Measurements?

As the designer for my own company Iridescence Bridal Couture, I have been asked numerous times by my customers about how to find their basic body measurements, which are your bust, waist, and hip (a.k.a BWH.)  You probably know what they mean but do you really know what your measurements are?  If you do, are you sure that you have the accurate numbers?

Many people (men and women) are confused because fashion brands set their own measurement charts for their clothes.

Size Chart 1

As you can see, there is difference in size 6 from company A to company B.

What is even more confusing is when the advertised sizes resemble the waist measurement when it reality, it is not!  This is particularly true in the denim category.

Size Chart 2

In this example, a pair of size 27 jeans does not necessarily fit a 27” waist woman because she might not have a 37” hip.  Her hips might be between 34” – 35” so this company’s “size 25” jeans will be the right fit, but she does not have a true 25” waist.

For many years, companies have been using “vanity sizing” as a marketing tool to attract customers to buy their clothes.  Why?  Because research found that if you feel small, you will more likely buy their clothes.  As Americans have grown larger over the years, vanity sizing has become increasing important to appeal to their core customers.  In general, mass fashion brands use vanity sizing more than high end designer brands.

The problem with vanity sizing is that you no longer know your true numbers unless you know how to measure your body accurately.  But you might ask, “Why do I want to know?”  If you want to order clothing, whether it is custom-made, online, or internationally, these basic measurements will prevent you from ordering the wrong size.  Knowing the right numbers will save you time and money for unnecessary returns and alterations.

Want to find out if you have the right BWH?  Use our guide to help you know your numbers!

Measurement Instructions Blog

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Looking Your Best For Corporate / Business Holiday Parties

It’s very important to dress and look appropriate for your corporate / business holiday parties.  Don’t let the word “party” fool you.  Even though you’re supposed to have fun, your co-workers, clients, boss, and/or VP are more likely than be evaluating you at this party.  The kind of impression that you gave at the parties can make a difference in your career and business.  This is definitely the time when you want look and act your best. 

Did I make you nervous?  You don’t need to be if you know what to do.  Here is your complete “dress to impress” guide for your next work party if you have a busty frame. 

What:  Corporate / business holiday party

Where:  Restaurant

Body Shape: Busty


Attire & Shoes



Start with this workoutfit. 

Left: Guess one shoulder knit top $79;  Center: Robbi & Nikki Embellished Stretch Twill Jacket $295;  Right:  J.Crew Bi-Stretch Wool Minnie Pants $98

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Flatter Your Body Shape: Pear Shape

In our society, we all embrace the hourglass shape as the ideal female body form – full bust, small waist, and a curvy hip.  Basically, we’re idolizing Beyonce Knowles and Salma Hayek.  But exactly how many of us have that type of body?  Unfortunately not too many, I have to say.


Beyonce Knowles (left) and Salma Hayek (right) are the classic examples of having the perfect hourglass figures.

So, if you don’t have the right assets, does it mean you cannot achieve the ultimate female body form?  Absolutely not.  You just need to know a few tricks to balance your body and you will look fabulous and sexy in any outfit that you wear.  You do not need to be a size 2 to look smoking hot.  It all comes down to how you wear your clothes and the confidence that comes with it.

Flatter Your Body Shape is a series discussing ways to enhance your body type.  Each post will talk about one specific body shape and how you can flatter your figures by using some simple tricks.

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Paper Flowers for All Occasions

As I am searching around for creative ways to promote ju.Lee, I came across the idea of using paper flowers.  Initially, I figure that it’s essential to have dozens and dozens of flowers for the set in order to create the perfect romantic feel.  As I research further into paper flowers, I found tons of ideas at DIY blogs and even on You Tube!  They are really not hard to make.  It just requires time and some creativity along with the right materials and tools.


These are some of the magnolia paper flowers that I made using a paper flower kit.

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