Looking Your Best for New Year Parties

Happy New Year’s Eve!  The countdown is on!  Are you ready to say bye-bye to 2010 and celebrate the beginning of 2011?  The popular you have received an invitation to a New Year’s party tonight.  By now you have probably been to a couple of other holiday events like corporate and Christmas parties.  You already had to figure out your outfits for both events and now you have to decide on another outfit for the New Year.  Can this get any more difficult? 

The good news is that all the stores have after Christmas sales so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a new outfit for the New Year’s party.  Most Fall/Holiday clothing will be anywhere from 25% – 75% off.  Now is the time to gather your gift cards and have a little fun shopping.  If you are not sure where to begin or want some ideas and inspiration, I’m going to show you how to pull together an outfit that will make you shine. 

This is the final post to my “Looking Your Best for the Holidays” series and the last post for 2010.  For this post, I will suggest styling tips for a curvy girl.  When people hear “curvy,” they automatically think plus size.  That is not quite true.  Curvy really means that your bust and hip are prominent in proportion and as a result, you have a well-defined waist line and it creates an hourglass figure.  To look good in any outfits, it’s all about maintaining the right proportion.  You not only have to consider the basic bust/waist/hip measurements, but also your makeup and shoes.  Yes, you have to consider the overall look.  Whether you are a size 4 or size 16, if you have the right proportion, you will look gorgeous no matter what size you are.  It is no rocket science but there are a few principles that you need to understand to make it work. 

What:  New Year’s Party

Where:  Lounge XYZ

Body Shape:  Curvy





 Rebecca Taylor Sparkle Sweetheart Dress, Neiman Marcus, $495

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Looking Your Best For Corporate / Business Holiday Parties

It’s very important to dress and look appropriate for your corporate / business holiday parties.  Don’t let the word “party” fool you.  Even though you’re supposed to have fun, your co-workers, clients, boss, and/or VP are more likely than be evaluating you at this party.  The kind of impression that you gave at the parties can make a difference in your career and business.  This is definitely the time when you want look and act your best. 

Did I make you nervous?  You don’t need to be if you know what to do.  Here is your complete “dress to impress” guide for your next work party if you have a busty frame. 

What:  Corporate / business holiday party

Where:  Restaurant

Body Shape: Busty


Attire & Shoes



Start with this workoutfit. 

Left: Guess one shoulder knit top $79;  Center: Robbi & Nikki Embellished Stretch Twill Jacket $295;  Right:  J.Crew Bi-Stretch Wool Minnie Pants $98

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Looking Your Best for Cocktail Parties

Nothing is more exciting than to unwind and enjoy an evening with your friends.  And the year cannot possibly be better than to end it celebrating and partying with your closest pals.  Unlike your company / business holiday party, you can be more laid back about what you wear but that doesn’t mean you want to just throw something together either.  After all, a cocktail party is still a semi-formal event where jeans are better left for running errands.  With Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace nowadays, your average look or your red-carpet style can be immediately posted on the Net within seconds.  Do you want to settle for just “OK” or “HOT?”

If you are stuck trying to figure what to wear or simply want some inspiration, then you might find the following options helpful to you.  From dress to makeup, these ideas will definitely make you look more than “OK.”  You know you deserve to look your best!

What:  Evening cocktail party

Where:  Friend’s house

Body Shape: Pear




Aqua Luxe Sleeveless Double V Stripe Party Dress $148

Everything starts with the perfect dress.  Because of your pear shape, the best silhouettes are A-line or full skirt dresses.  This dress is a great choice for your cocktail party.  The short full skirt hides your hips and elongates your legs.   The front V-neck is a universally flattering necklace and to top it off, the low deep V back yells sexy lady.  If you want to be more modest, you can certainly add a black cami to tone down the sex appeal or wear a jacket or blazer.   The combination of metallic stripes in black adds instant glam to this simple dress style.

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Looking Your Best for the Holidays

This is the season to look your best because Christmas and New Year’s parties are just around the corners.  Whether the celebrations are for work, family, or fun, you want to dress to impress.  But what if you’re not sure what to wear and have no idea where to start?  Does a red V-neck sweater with black skirt work?  Yes, but that’s too safe and boring. 

The best holiday outfits are the ones that bring out your positive features (toned legs, voluptuous chests, etc.) with the right amount of sparkles and glam.  It’s that one time a year where you can play dress up and reward yourself for the hard work that you’ve done all year!  So, why not go a little out of your comfort zone to try something different while still be you? 

You don’t have to do a lot to look like a million buck and you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune either.  It’s about maintaining the right balance, knowing how to accentuate your body with the right clothing and accessories, and matching the appropriate outfit for the right occasion. 



Both Scarlett Johannson (left) and Taylor Swift (right) look stunning not only because they have the best designer clothing or perfect bodies, but because they know what to wear to flatter their body shapes and understand how to style for the right occasions (or at least they hired the right stylists.)


“Looking Your Best for Holidays” has 3 mixed scenarios, and I am offering some suggestions for stepping out in your best styles to match your body shape, the type of event, and location.  From outfits to shoes to makeup, there are some great ideas for you to surviving the holidays looking your absolute best.  Are you ready to party? 

Pear shape girl to an evening cocktail party

Busty girl to a corporate / business party

Curvy girl to a New Year’s Eve party 


Do you know how to create the right balance of holiday sparkles and glam?

What Not to Wear and How to Do it Right!

We all know that we should be wearing clothes that are right for our body types.  But sometimes we get blindsided by the season’s new trends.  We see these beautiful models with the perfect bodies on the runway.  They look nothing less than amazing and we can’t help thinking if we have that outfit, we can look pretty darn good too.

Well, not so true.  Here are some celebrities who should have consulted with their stylists first before stepping out the door and those who know their bodies and worn the right outfits.


If you’re a busty girl, I’m jealous of you because you’ve got the sex appeal.  But, you also have a different challenge.  There is such a thing as “too much.”  So, in order to keep the balance, you need to make sure that your clothes highlight you in a flattering way and not the other way around.

Busty - Kim K

Kim Kardashian has the sex goddess, curvalicious body.  Yet in this case, her dress was not doing her body any justice (right picture.)  If you have a busty frame, you should avoid wearing clothes with high necklines.  Contrary to what most people think, the solution is not to hide your busty chest but to accentuate them in an appealing way like Blake Lively on the left.  Similar dress but vastly different result.  The high neckline only made Kim look bigger.  Plus, her long hair hanging on both sides did not help either.  It was framing her big chest.

V-neck is one of the universally flattering necklines because whether you’re small-chested or busty, it will highlight you in the best possible way.  If you’re not comfortable with a deep v-neck, you can always wear a cami underneath to keep it modest.


Hourglass - Kim K

Here is Kim (right) again and she ignored the mirror before she headed out to the red carpet.  With a curvy figure like hers, it should be easy to wear practically any outfits.  But in this case, the dress was all wrong for her!  Just to clarify, a curvy body shape doesn’t necessarily mean a plus size figure.  It means you have noticeable curves in your body (bust and hip.)

So, what was wrong with this dress on Kim?  It was too tight.  Not only were her breasts bursting out, but the skirt was pulling horizontally creating creases at the hip.  It looked like she purchased the dress one size too small!  Ladies, if you have the assets like her, I think you should flaunt them but make sure that you’re only flaunting one asset at a time.  If you want to show your chest, try a skirt that is flowy.  Or wear a loose top if you want to show your legs and hip.  And yes, a belt is a great choice to complete any look.

As you can see, Kristin Cavalleri (left) was wearing the right dress for her body.  The fitted top showed of her figure nicely and the skirt sat comfortably on her hip.


Petite - Natatie Portman

For petite gals everywhere like Natalie Portman, we have another challenge.  Not only do we need to consider our silhouettes (busty, boyish, curvy, pear, etc.), we also have to put height into consideration.  Most people think that a petite person only has shorter legs, but the torso and arms are shorter proportionally as well.  So, if you’re petite and wear a missy dress, you will feel that the dress doesn’t sit right at your waist and you’ll see extra fabric bunches up at your back.  Shoulder straps and sleeves might also be too long.  Sound familiar?

Well, what is the best way to dress for your petite frame?  If the store carries petite sizes, you should buy the petite version.  But if the dress you like doesn’t come in petites, you can always find a good seamstress to do some nip / tuck.  She might be able to shorten the torso length but it depends on the dress style.  Ask her to shorten the shoulder straps, sleeves, and skirt.  The skirt length should NOT be longer than your knees.  Otherwise, it’ll make you look shorter like Natalie Portman in the left picture.  The best skirt length should be slightly above the knees.

As you can see, if the dress fits you right like Eva Mendez who was wearing the same dress as Natalie Portman, you will look fabulous no matter how tall you are.  It’s all about knowing what works for you and how to fix the problems.

Shapeless Dresses

Shapeless Dresses - any body

Alright, shapeless dresses are not one of the body types, but I want to point out how they just don’t work for any body types period.  Kristin Bell and Selma Blair are both beautiful and slender but the dresses made them look dull.  The sheer tube-shape dress looked like a water-proof pillowcase.  I almost mistaken that they were wearing a rain poncho as a dress!  This is a great example of how wearing the wrong dress can create the opposite effect.

If you want to flatter your figure, make sure that the outfit gives you a waist and highlight your curves.  This is also true for the plus size ladies. Don’t hide behind your clothes.  Instead, make sure that your outfit cinches you in at the skinniest part of your torso.  Generally, it’ll be the spot right underneath your bust.  That’s why empire waist or baby doll dresses work for plus sizes figures.  Take it one step further and add a contrasting color belt (red with black, white with navy, etc.) to make your waist look even smaller.  Embrace your shape!

So, what other tricks do you have to flatter your body shape?

Emmy Dresses: What Worked and Didn’t

It was another evening of excitement and glamour.  Not only was everyone curious who would win the most honorable awards at the 2010 Emmy, but fashionistas everywhere looked forward to seeing all their favorite celebrities in designer gowns.  To most of us ladies, it was more like a celebrity catwalk.   And of course, I was highly anticipating dresses that would take me away and inspire me.  But occasionally, my heart would skip a beat and I gasped.  “What happened?  Why that dress?”


Red Carpet at the Emmys 2010 on Sunday night 8.29.10

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Flatter Your Body Shape: Pear Shape

In our society, we all embrace the hourglass shape as the ideal female body form – full bust, small waist, and a curvy hip.  Basically, we’re idolizing Beyonce Knowles and Salma Hayek.  But exactly how many of us have that type of body?  Unfortunately not too many, I have to say.


Beyonce Knowles (left) and Salma Hayek (right) are the classic examples of having the perfect hourglass figures.

So, if you don’t have the right assets, does it mean you cannot achieve the ultimate female body form?  Absolutely not.  You just need to know a few tricks to balance your body and you will look fabulous and sexy in any outfit that you wear.  You do not need to be a size 2 to look smoking hot.  It all comes down to how you wear your clothes and the confidence that comes with it.

Flatter Your Body Shape is a series discussing ways to enhance your body type.  Each post will talk about one specific body shape and how you can flatter your figures by using some simple tricks.

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